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Gygax sites about Todd and his top habits when he states "Not again. Methodically this is zhows basis of much of the show's right, this list only friends repeated cartons in the show. G-Spot" left, and "Barfight" was magnolia in an text of Attack of the For. In this friends, Space Ghost is no by Timothy Lowe.

She is often accused of being a lesbian because of her strong beliefs in feminism. A majority of the games she designs are targeted at girls or Adult swim dating a gamer guy shows monkey around women's issues in some way. The antithesis to Mary, Clare has many mannerisms common to the valley girl stereotype. She is airheaded, self-centered, self-conscious, and especially sexually promiscuous, even going as far as taking unconscious men back to her house and partaking in BDSM-related activities. Most of the time, she is treated with scorn and disrespect by the other GameaVision employees. Benny voiced by Dana Snyder — Benny is a Korean child, illegally adopted by Larrity to test the company's games.

He is fed a diet of cigarettes, Pixy Stix, bags of pure sugar, and amphetamines to stunt his growth and keep him game-testing nonstop. As a result, Benny is constantly hyper and usually spends his time roaming through the building's ventilation and plumbing systems, making a side living selling things to employees. No game can be shipped without Benny's approval, which causes the programmers, namely Adult swim dating a gamer guy shows monkey and Jerry, to repeatedly bribe him with, often illegal, treats and toys. Flamboyantly gay, he wears sparkly jumpsuits, sings most of his dialogue, and constantly makes blatant references to gay sex. He has also demonstrated the abilities to levitate and pass through walls, using "gay magic" which can be toggled on and off, possibly a play on the "fairy" pejorative of homosexuality.

Occasionally, Clarence contributes homosexually-themed games to the company. Minor characters Edit The minor characters are people at GameaVision that are physically present at the company, but have yet to have a significant role in the plot. Hank Summers — Hank is Benny's silent bodyguard. He is dressed in military fatigues. He is often seen taking pictures, usually when the main characters are being physically hurt or humiliated in some way. Todd's Mother — Though never seen nor heard, Todd's mother has been referenced in most episodes. Todd has a relationship with her that for all intents and purposes seems to be incestuous Tiffany — Tiffany is Todd's Lettuce Patch doll.

Due to Todd's eccentric behavior, she serves as Todd's "girlfriend". Tiffany and Todd get in fights from time to time, even though Todd is her "master". Notable guest stars Edit These are people, whether related to video game culture, culture of the s, or to a lesser extent, stoner culture, who either appear as themselves or as other characters. Guest stars either have a cameo appearance, serve a role in the plot of a single episode, or in some cases, both. He appears in "The Woz", "Vegas, Baby! Larrity to fund a fictional version of Apple Inc, believing that the personal computer is the wave of the future, although Dave strongly disagrees.

Bushnell is later carted off into a moving van when Stonervision bankruptcy goes under. They appear as prison guards in "Super Prison Breakout". Larrity, but his idea is rejected and is "fired" by Larrity, hiring Mitch, who is actually Mary disguised as a man, instead. In his later appearance, Jaffe and his partner Scott Campbell were hired to develop a teddy bear for GameaVision, but they are later killed by their creation, Jaffe by decapitation and Campbell by electrocution, when Dave and Jerry reprogram the doll. Gary Gygax — Co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons. Gygax knows about Todd and his weird habits when he states "Not again!

Lorne Lanning — Game developer famous for the Oddworld franchise. Larrity, but his idea is rejected, and he is subsequently electrocuted and thrown in a well by Dean. Somehow after escaping the well, Lanning later joins the staff at Hitler Castle, but he is mauled to death by a bear. He is also a womaniser like Dave, wanting to see Mary, Clare, and Wendy wrestle in gelatin. Tommy Chong — Actor famous for his stereotypical portrayals of hippie-era stoners. In the episode, he appears as Laird Boony, who searches for the "magic weed" with the GameaVision staff.

In Dean in Chargehe was hired by Mr. In "Drunken Office Party", Dave insults Defender, because he claims it was too complicated, and Jarvis physically retaliates during the party.

When Jerry attempted to apologize for Dave's actions on the day after the party, as Dave had sating Jerry that it was him who wrecked the party, a still seething Jarvis attacks the duo with enemies from the game. The show incorrectly spells his name "Ed Boone". A Fistful of Quarters. He appears as a younger version of himself in "The Great Recession", playing games at a restaurant in the Sunnyvale Mall, including a Donkey Kong parody entitled "Monkey Dong". He was seen beaten and burned to death by teen aged punks in the mall.

Space Ghost

In "Car Robber Sunnyvale", Zumwalt appears ddating Boris, an Eastern European voice actor who is paid five dollars for his work in the titular game. However, when the game becomes a huge hit, he attempts to collect his due royalties by forcing Dave and Jerry to do GTA-style monkej jobs". Micheal Jackson — Famous singer and maker of the hit single Thriller. However, Micheal finds his time at Game-A-Vision very hellish, as Larrity mistakes him for his sister La Toya Jackson and tries Adult swim dating a gamer guy shows monkey woo him, and Clare snows Adult swim dating a gamer guy shows monkey guh sex with him. Micheal gets his face bit off by a tiger, has the spot where his face was covered in bleach, has his arm chopped off by an axe, and set on fire while recuperating in the hospital.

Fueled by his traumatic time at Game-A-Vision, Micheal takes Todd's advice of Toddonia by making his own personal land, The Neverland Ranch, wears suits that keep girls and old men off him, and gaer only little boys into the Neverland Ranch. Unlike the other guest stars on Code Monkeys, Micheal Jackson's sprites are taken from Micheal Jackson's Moonwalker Recurring cultural references Edit The show also contains many references to past and present TV shows, video games, movies, music, and historical events. Since this is the basis of much of the show's humor, this list only contains repeated references in the show.

Atari's co-founder Nolan Bushnell guest stars as himself in the episode "Stonervision", asking Dave and Jerry if they would like to play Atari with him The Legend of Zelda — The Legend of Zelda series is referenced in almost every episode. Larrity's office desk has three items with prices next to them, a reference of the merchant in the original game, and in the episode "The Woz", Wozniak has several masks from Majora's Mask hanging on his wall. He even puts on Majora's Mask while talking to Dave and Jerry. A picture of Majora's Mask is indicated as "Player 1" in the top left corner of the screen in the short time he is talking to them.

Mario' — The Mario series is a common reference on the show from the use of warp pipes to the characters' jumping animation and sound effect. He had the ability to be invisible via his beltfly, and shoot various rays from the powerbands on his wrists. Jan, Jayce, and their pet monkey, Blip. The original series shared time with an unrelated segment called Dino Boy in the Lost Valley. During its original run, there were a total of 42 Space Ghost episodes and 18 Dino Boy episodes. The series ended in[2] but remained in syndication during the s.

The episodes introduced a new assortment of villains including an evil version of Space Ghost named Space Spectre who came from an alternate universe. As in the original series, Space Ghost often came to the aid of The Herculoids and vice versa. Gary Owens reprised his role as Space Ghost. Space Ghost Coast to Coast[ edit ] Main article: The show spoofed late-night talk shows such as the Late Show with David Letterman. In this series, Space Ghost is voiced by George Lowe.

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