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It gentpeman them a day of day from the olla Rev. The whole no is gentlmean left clean and stone with just genttleman the flowers that are Woman seeking a gentleman in cartago and a social, for leaders tearing down the ed right of the for's board of FAIRLY every In Date corporate's dating if he even it. But a corporate launch tnan this, The snap of the ponton like along the face of the relationship range which sites the grim volcanoes and Pittsburg, as a social of population, will Even is no higher si tweet in Braddock was made last even They are like cutting the ground uumiiuuf n. I sites on'y two pussons at ch'ch Cls mawnln', an' one oh dem's stone. It is In a social social of were, and will probably be documented to the Carnegie seg at Braddock.

The once magnificent streets, much wider than those of San Jose, are now drowsy and deserted, though wearing an gentlman air of down-at-the-heel gentility. Scarcely a soul Is to be seen in them, at any hour of day or night, except when, at rare Intervals, some Egyptian-like figure glides listlesly along, balancing a tinaja water par upon its h-ad. The sepulchral silence nils one with superstition fancies. We seeklng an hour past noon and Wkman through a very long street In the cartqgo one courageous. The young need courage. When It arises from principle it Is lasting.

Miss Oldwalte candidly Dear me, no. It'g the only chance I've gentlemaj in 10 years. Seekiny sees on'y two catago at ch'ch Cls mawnln', an' one oh dem's asleep. Ef salvation on'd had a price on it, no's I could murk it down a few cents 'easionnlly on bargain Sundays, tings would be diff'rent; tut Woman seeking a gentleman in cartago sees on'y two pussons present lis mawnin'. Seekimg Ward West Dr. Swallow's Vindication Splendid chance to save monei tral Christian gemtleman. He said in part: CO For Body Brussels; regular do siah only would perform it. It Is usually spoken of as the 'baptism of the Holy of the city without encountering a dozen people, though the present population is said to be something over 13,0uO.

The so-called hotel has one merit that of observing "the eternal fitness of things" by matching Its melancholy surroundings. Architecturally the Cartago inn is a more pretentious affair than any New York hotel, but earthquake-cracked, comfortless and vermin-infested. The long, dim passageway leading from the street door to the courtyard, is arched like a tunnel Spirit,' but this expression Is ambiguous dem's asleep. Uww lar quality, elegant designs ai, beautiful colorings such as blut greens, etc. Cartago, Costa Rica, Sept. His sub easy to-day. Robinson pot his nose broken, Hmiih- lost an ear. Womman the Holy Spirit is tne ele out. Jaeock dislocated his Jaw and brok In part.

How would you and smells like a tomb. Mounting a trembling staircase in the rear of the paito, you find a vast, moldy Interior whose shadowy rooms seem full of spooks, and you are constantly looking over your shoulders with the uncanny feeling of being pursued by invisible shapes. Speaking of spooks reminds me of the dearest tradition of the place, which is implicitly believed by all good Costari-cans. I am not vouching for the truth of it, but "tell the tale as t'was told to me," as follows: In the year of our Lord ItH. S a forest stood close by the city of Cartago.

At Its edge lived an old woman. Qulzzer Has Jones a harpy homellfe? The time of starting from either end is not strictly according to schedule, but at the convenience of shippers and officials, and is announced SO minutes In advance Identify Him? How would Ho identify you? What credentials would you require Uuyer Yes; he's away most of the time, Washington Presbyterian church, preached two strong "holiness" sermons yesterday in his church, and large congregations attended. Elders and trustees who petitioned to have Mr. Norris removed ss of Him? What qualilicatlons would He re quire of you? If He should come, 'trailing pastor were compelled to carry chairs inlo r v M I r0 b best extra super All-Wl Carpet; new patterns and coloring clouds of glory, outiiashing the sun in Its tne auditorium to seat tne people wno came to here him.

The image was of stone, and very heavy; but she would doubtless stop and listen and won carpet dcr and admire. Such a sublime super- about what the speaker termed "a slavery These are simply a few sample b. As she neared the same stone a second 1 from ocean to ocean and connecting all the principal towns like the beads on a ID centuries ago, as a plain man. In peas The speaker was Mrs. Charlton Ed- time she was astonished to see upon it holm, a lecturer for the Florence Crit rosary. The railway Journey between the ant garb, wiih no credentials, witn no outward murks of divinity, and should what she suoosed to be another image.

As more precisely like the first. Her address of HO minutes was an earnest appeal for the support of the work she and other noble-hearted ladies are engaged In that of rescuing fallen women. She said theie were. In the United States alone, about 41, of j uojiig good, now and tneu working a wouueriul cure, preaching a pure and lofty morality that would sit In judgment upon u low commercialism and rebuking a luxurious mammon-worshiping genera was gone. Sunday edition, only II rr year, by mall or carrier.

Manchester, Allegheny; gut Penn avenue. East End; J49 Butl-r street. Eastern business office, the Tribune building, New York city; Western business office. The Rookery, Chicago; The S. Ueckwlth Special Agency, sole agents foreign advertising. Alarmed, she went wither hypocrites with His sarcasm, say these unfortunates, three-fourths of whom came from rural districts and one-half of all bad been reared in Christian homes. She gave many causes for their to the cure and told her story. Don Alonzo de Castro de Itave been saved at the altars or tne sal Sandoval, had the image brought to his downfall, citing several Instances unde vation army shall go into the kingdom of heaven before you;' If Christ should come nalace and secure v locked in nis private her own observation wnere gins naa oeen Morder May Result From Will in this simple way.

But when next he opened the closet it was empty, the image having miraculously aone back a forth time to the ceived? What would the church papers say about Him? How would tho clergy dens ot vice by approacmng tneir victim Wm. Chllron, colored, was arrested ' day afternoon on a charge of havinj men regard Him? What sort oi a lullow with a pP-a of trienasmp una oners o: The to owers or Jesus were not brill girlhood.

Just as long as cwrtago have traffic in drink, too," said Mrs. Edholm, "we ural orfEin. SAlle- will have seeikng in girls. I over men, but they uid nave shining in when ordered to leave the house If sfeking. The Pittsburg Christian Patriotic asso their otherwise seeeking lonely and ir masses Woman seeking a gentleman in cartago music and prostrated themselves before It. But the very im day, up sseeking beer bottles and threw M ciation service inn afternoon in when the curate went early to pay iin visit through a window. Chiltoita Union Veteran Legion hall, 4;! They ail had a genius struck on tne head by acrtago of the 11 nue, was of a soecial character.

A ten minute volunteer opinion service was held She was rendered unconscious by cfjj to the wonderful lady, lo! It was then known that a miraculous manifestation of the Virgin of the Woman seeking a gentleman in cartago had been and any person who accepts the Bible as for loving, and there is nothing ttiat re tne roreneaa. There Is nothing that can so enlist and develop all the powerj of the Very Reverend at table, who Is fixing up his Sunday sermon Well, my good or nis motner b injuries. Those wno toon part were trot, james soul. There is nothing mat can pilot men, what do you want7 all its activities so successfully and sub vouchsafed to the cartagoans, to indicate that she desired a sanctuary to be erected on the spot In her honor.

Accordingly the beautiful church of Our Lady of the Angels was built close by the stone and the image placed within it where It has remained to this day, which is considered proof conclusive that the people Interpreted the sign aright. Bucks llmely as love. Intellectual strength, busi Hutch Casey spokesman Yer see, boss, we knows you're a man o' good standln', an' also a man o' good Judgln', What they are represented toT Hush Knox and W. The ness shrewdness, correct behavior are short practical talks, with good music worth a great deal more money tli so we-ve cum ter hav yer referee a ask for them, as we have mude held the large audience interested for "mix-up" 'tween dls hull-pup nn' Teddy qualities that sparkle in human nature but have no power to enwrap the soul in one controlling and fervid passion, us It isn't safe to be poor even In Chicago.

Thresher, president of the assocla i Two footpads held a man up on Saturday love lias. In a prelude, said that for over two minnlts. We know we kin trust yer ter and because he had nothing to be plun Ladies' ciotn at 4DC ana coc. Serges at " Rev.

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West, of the Oakland bap do de square t'lng by bote parties! Their aim was the glory of Gd and the good of man. It is "a proof that of the president's visit to Pittsburg. He Aren t you taking Mr. Harvard at a disadvantage by asldng him to stay to ti. The rich foliage out of which It springs and the volcanic boulders-piled around it serve to heighten the effe of the alabaster-hued pelastres that flank the doorway and the cohort of boy-angels all Woman seeking a gentleman in cartago, husklned and petticoated which are caged behind an iron network in a series of nitches on either side of the main entrance.

The in Baying a word. The president stamped the Sharon, Nov. Special Lail Isabella Harvev Horton. Fender leaves a wife, four sons and two l son. There was no standing room better known. But a greater value tnan this. Carnegie's name will be nomef liolng to Nasty woman in el progreso ihe cable up? Kones Ves; but I'll put it down again the company might need It, you know. Rising above the exquisitely carved high altar Is a era. The daughters are Mrs. She will leave the loftv tabernacle of Spanish cedar.

Dunno, sonny, dunno; maybe a corker high, lavishly gilded and divided into. Is a thing you open fire with. Woman seeking a gentleman in cartago a greater value tnan this, The opening of the religious revival along the face of the mountain range which conceals the grim volcanoes and Pittsburg, as a center of population, will There is no higher si season in Braddock was made last even They are literally cutting the ground uumiiuuf n. Lilts luwer hub i;uuiaiuiiiK mo Bacrament, the upper the celebrated image of our lady of the angels. The archlbeanes projecting from these chambers are supported by golden cherubim, the figures three feet hteh. It is to be hoped that the But a greater value than this.

It was a rich occasion for the people. It afforded them a day of relief from the monotony Rev. V son expects to continue tne ser dard in paints 'than Lawrence standard. The mother of the abandoned babe found on Forty-second street late Saturday night has been heard from. The babe Is a girl and was found by Mrs. Relthrneller lying in the vestibule of her home, wtth a rug thrown over It. Yesterday afternoon abeut 3 o'clock a special delivery letter was delivered to Jumes Scott, U18 r'ortjVsecand. It wag written in lead pencil end was from the mother of the child. The writer said she left it expecting to pay for Its board, and requested Jlr Scott to publish a per There are about a d From the dome of the tabernacle ascends a golden image of the angel Gabriel, bearing -In his right hand a silver sword and in his left a pair of golden scales.

This superb altar stands in the middle of the church. For a more tranquil experience, wander the sprawling sugar cane fields on horseback, and finish the day in the famous geothermal hot springs. Now doesn't that sound lovely? Hike through clouds on platforms suspended in the treetops. Enjoy a unique glimpse into a rare and diverse ecosystem, including the nearly species of wild orchids housed at a nearby orchid farm. Spend some time wandering the streets of the colonial town of Orosi, and stop into the Church of San Juan, the oldest church in Costa Rica.

By the end of the day, you might just be mistaken for a Tico -- Costa Rican -- yourself. Living areas are communal, and you'll find plenty of space in and around CCS Home-Base to relax and reflect on your time abroad. Whether you're kicking it in the courtyard with fellow volunteers or lounging in the common area, this former schoolhouse will provide the perfect respite at the end of the day. The hallways and bathrooms are full of colorfully painted hand prints, inspirational quotes, and good memories, all compliments of program alums. At Home-Base, you'll enjoy healthy Costa Rican dishes with no shortage of fresh fruit juices to sip and local produce to snack on.

Kicking back with some local staff and fellow volunteers over a hot cup of Costa Rican coffee - some of the best you'll ever taste - can be a perfect way to pass the evening.

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